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‘Should’ in and of itself carries no negative meaning. There are gentler, more persuasive words, but there’s been a discussion recently using the label ‘shouldism’ to define negative and unreasonable expectations of ourselves. I’m sat quite still, not blin...
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Yoga training

Being a Yoga Teacher

I love my job. I realise saying it out loud might prompt you to check for any hint of sarcasm, perhaps meant in a moment of frustration or exhausti...
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Read Yourself Well

Sat quietly reading and listening to the rain do its worst outside, while the stove does its best inside. We considered the idea of reading yourself i...
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Restorative Yoga

Press Pause & Grab Some Props

During the winter months, it feels natural to slow down, to add more rest and relaxation to my routine as a way of maintaining my physical and mental ...
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Yoga Is Selfcare

Join our growing community and practice live with me on zoom. Online classes have proved to be so popular and although at first, I was a little res...
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